Apr 182012

These readings give you some ideas about what “theme” you should choose for your multimedia project. Remember that your site’s “look and feel” should match with your topic and content. Navigation and site structure are also a very important part of your project.

Apr 112012

As we discussed in the class today, we will meet on May 10 at 12:30 to discuss the multimedia packages. [Updated] We will meet in the reading room.

And here is how you can covert your slideshows into video. Once you convert it into a video file, you can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and then embed it on your own website.

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Mar 282012
  • Data visualization tools: If you have a set of data to show, try using one of these tools to visualize it
  • Tech and Tools: Some of the tools here would be very useful for your multimedia package
  • Timeline: You can create embeddable timelines. Beautiful interface but you need to know a bit about coding
  • Dipity: Another tool to create embeddable timelines. No need to know any code.
  • iSpring: You can create embeddable Flash animation from your PowerPoint presentations.
  • cacoo: You can create embeddable diagrams
  • VuVox: You can create embeddable multimedia collage
  • Wordle: You can generate word cloud

To understand what “data visualization” really means, I highly recommend the following video (which I will show in today’s class, actually).

[youtube pLqjQ55tz-U 640 360]