Content analysis and discourse analysis – sources for the final paper

Dear MJs,

as many of you will be using content analysis and discourse analysis in your final papers, I prepared bibliographies about these two research methods to support your work. I also checked your access to these sources and happy to report that most are available online. I included links:

Media Research Methods Bibliography Critical Issues

I also attach three sources (two articles on discourse analysis by van Dijk, and a book chapter on content analysis by Hansen et al.): Van Dijk Critical discourse analysis

Van Dijk Principles of discourse analysis

Content analysis Hansen et al.(In case it does not open because the file is too large, I put a copy for your use in my mailbox at the JMSC office. Feel free to take it for copying, but please return so other students can also use it.)

These books on content and discourse analysis are reserved and accessible to our class members at the AV collection of the Library:

1. TITLE Critical discourse analysis : theory and interdisciplinarity
Eited by Gilbert Weiss and Ruth Wodak.
Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, N.Y.: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2003.

2. AUTHOR Weber, Robert Philip.
TITLE Basic content analysis
Newbury Park, Calif.: Sage Publications, c1990.
2nd ed.

3. AUTHOR Krippendorff, Klaus.
TITLE Content analysis: an introduction to its methodology

Beverly Hills, Calif.: Sage, 1980.

4. AUTHOR Berelson, Bernard
TITLE Content analysis in communication research
New York: Hafner Press, [1971]

Here is the link to all books and AV materials under reservation for our course:

I hope all this will help your work by pointing to some of the best sources and saving time in terms of access.

Best regards,


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