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Mid-term – CE Selection (not budget)

Assignment 6: (to include Reading Week)

NB: don’t forget to check the intranet for any updates on your tech project(s) … 1. Produce a short, compact MULTI-MEDIA package. Any subject EXCEPT the CE Circus but keep it short and sweet because you must submit it in two forms: Suitable for a local English-language publication eg the SCMP. Suitable for...
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Assignment 5:


Own stories – Work-in-progress – add to Work-in-Progress GROUP on the intranet what you’re onworking and status, plus ETA/CE Coverage: Deadline: before next class – say 6 am next Weds. Coordinators: 1. LISA and 2. CARMEN. These two have the power of approve/veto your CE coverage plans and are in charge of organisation –...
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Assignment 4: CE Coverage

CE Coverage: Deadline: before next class – say 6 am next Weds. Approx half the class: Produce a first-hand news article — note: not a pick-up, not a backgrounder, not reportage via secondary sources — for the CE package. The other half will finish off the backgrounders. Will swop over in the next round....
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Assignment 3:

1. Clear the decks of all CNY and Livestreaming Articles as per class feedback 2. Start compiling your CE Selection research: is there a story that should go up this week to kick things off? What’s the subject? Who should write it? Are there multi-media elements that should be included? Should you think about,...
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Mid-term: CE Selection (or So-Called “Election”)

Replaces the budget as the mid-term exercise. Anointment date: Saturday March 25, 2012 We will cover this live — and compare your performance and timings to the mainstream media, particularly the news agencies. This will serve as your mid-term so everyone will have to play a part. We need to start work now because...
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Welcome to Advanced Online Journalism

This is a hands-on course — much of the time you will be operating as journalists covering real news events (some of them live) throughout the semester.

Regard the DML as a newsroom, your instructors as your editors and yourselves as professional journalists.

Accuracy -- Detail -- Speed

Tutorials, Tips & Skills